Paper From Portugal

Virgin fibre,
the rational option

Virgin fibres should be reserved for paper which has to meet higher quality standards and serve longer life cycles, such as printing and writing paper. The abundance of renewable forestry resources in Europe should obviously also influence the extent to which this general principle is applied.

This option goes in opposition to a number of arguments often heard in the recycled fibre versus virgin fibre debate which are not realistic, as recycled paper requires the incorporation of virgin fibre to find a place in the paper production system.


The fibres use for producing paper can not be recycled indefinitely, because it downgrades papermaking quality each time. It is essential to incorporate new fibres in order to renew and sustain the whole paper and board production system. In addition to the limited recycling capacity of paper fibres, there are papers which cannot be recycled after use - napkins, used tablecloths and  tissues, disposable diapers and toilet paper.


Virgin Fibre