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Portuguese Forests have grown more than 60%
in the last 100 years.


You have always been taught that more paper means less trees. And after all, you do need trees to make paper. But you know what? It really doesn’t (mean less trees, that is). Take us, for example. You may not know it, but over the years Portugal has actually become quite big in the production of high quality paper products. And yet our forests have grown more than 60% in the last 100 years or so. How? Allow us to explain. People need paper products. So we started making paper products. High quality, rich, diversified, creative, sustainable paper products. Paper products that, the more people knew, the more people used. And of course, the more people used, the more we needed to make. Which meant that the more trees we used, the more trees we needed. So not only did we replanted the trees we used (whenever they did not regrow); but we actually planted more trees on top of the replanted ones. So the next time you think about buying you usual paper, think again. Because if you make sure you are using paper from Portugal, we’ll make sure that it actually means more trees.